The Mill, which was originally built in 1886 and operated as a grist mill, burnt down in 1955 and was rebuilt in 1957. When The Mill was purchased in 1994 by Ron & Georgina Klages and their three daughters, it was being utilized as a grist mill and farm co-operative. Since then, the building has doubled in size creating a reception hall on the main level, and 6 residential units on the upper levels. Coming shortly, the facility will undergo a transformation. The shelter, or "shed", is in the process of being renovated to become our main hall. Some of the features you will find in the ever changing landscape of the garden are a waterfall, pergola, gazebo and fountain with many flower beds just waiting for your photo opportunity.

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Utilizing the power of the Saugeen River, a water power turbine contributes the hydro for the building along with sending power into the grid. The dam provides a "mill pond" which is home to a pair of mute swans and their families, who love to model for photographers.